Project Title: “MyPromise: Boosting Grassroots Sport and Sport Volunteering in Europe”
Project Acronym: “MyPromise Europe”
Funding: Program Erasmus+, Collaborative Partnerships
Project website:
Total duration of the project (in months): 36 months
Start Date: 01/01/2020
End Date: 31/12/2022
Total Budget: 267.135,00 €

The project in which DEPAN participates together with other European institutions aims to carry out a pan-European campaign for physical activity #MyPromise Europe in order to strengthen mass sport and sport volunteering in Europe, by athletes and active people through a one-to-one approach. Thus people who are already active and involved in sport will make “MyPromises” to invite someone inactive closer to sport and physical activity. The campaign slogan is “Make MyPromise, Bring a friend to sport!

Target group:
The main target group of the “MyPromise Europe” project is sports event organisers, sports clubs, athletes and in general all active people involved in physical activity, inactive people, volunteers, the European community at large and any other stakeholders.

By reducing the number of physically inactive people in Europe and at the same time socially activating those who are already physically active, the MyPromise Europe project has a positive impact on social cohesion and the physical activity levels of Europeans.

Project results:
– a modern digital platform
– 5,000 “MyPromises” will be held in 14 international sporting events (City Marathons) in Partner Countries where the MyPromise initiative requires a physical presence
– 20,000 “MyPromises” will be made through the digital platform
– 500,000 people across Europe will be reached through digital media campaigns and physical presence at 14 major City Marathons
– Around 90 people will attend the MyPromise Europe 2020 Conference
– Around 120 people will attend the MyPromise Europe 2022 Dissemination Conference

Publicity actions:
In addition to the various digital media campaigns, there will be a tour in Europe to various major sporting events to promote the MyPromise philosophy.

Project Partners:
SCULT Foundation, (Coordinating Partner) – Estonia
HELLENIC DEVELOPMENT CITY NETWORK (D.E.P.AN. – City Network) – Hellenic Development Cities Network (D.E.P.AN. – City Network) – Greece
Junior Chamber International (JCI), – Estonia
European Volunteer Centre (CEV), – Belgium
Latvian Olympic Academy, – Latvia
Lithuanian Sports University, – Lithuania
Estonian School Sport Union, – Estonia
EnV CIC – Events, Training, Volunteers, – Great Britain
Estonian Windsurfing Association, – Estonia

Promotional Videos: